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A premonition

Published June 7, 2017 by thinkinbout


Have you ever had a premonition? I guess we all have at one point, but I mean a full blown, dreadful feeling of impending doom? I have…and this past Sunday, on which we celebrated the Day of Pentecost, reminded me of it. Now, I’m no holy roller. I don’t handle snakes and I have never had a laughing fit “in the Spirit,” or whatever, but I have had an experience that I can attribute only to the Holy Spirit.

In the summer of 2004 I was volunteering on a First Nations Reserve in Canada. It was a 7 week trip, so I really got to know the people with whom I worked. I worked with two other gals, one from TX, another from Canada, and our main job was to run a summer camp for the kids on the res. Two days a week we worked with the little ones and two days a week we worked with the teens. On one particular sunny, peaceful day, near the end of our trip, the three of us decided to take the kids (teens that day) to “the beach.” It was a lake, not an ocean, just so we’re clear. I had not packed a bathing suit, so I sat out and kept an eye on the other kids who didn’t want to play in the water either. There was a playground and some other fun stuff around.

And then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks.

Even though the sun was out, it was dark. There’s no explaining that, but it was. My chest felt heavy, I couldn’t breathe. I began crying and praying. I just asked God to please protect me, please, please protect me, something horrifying is going to happen, please, God, please protect me!!!!!!!

And then it was gone.

The drive back to the res was not on a paved road, but a gravel one, and our driver began fish tailing. She could not right the vehicle (a school bus), and the fish tailing became wider and wider, until I knew: this was it. I said it aloud: “This is it!!!” And flipped and we flipped, and we bounced, and my head hit a window. I was praying aloud the whole time, and one of the few who was not knocked out. When we landed, I was on the bottom of a pile of big teenage boys. My neck was positioned in such a way that it should have been broken. It was between the ankles of one of the boys, at an odd angle. But I was alive, and I was not knocked out, and, as someone responsible for these kids, I got up and got to work. I first made sure no one was dead or injured, and then helped to wake them up and get them off the bus. I don’t know who called emergency, but they eventually arrived. Some kids were thrown from the bus.

No one died. No one died!!!! Honestly, I have never heard of a crash that bad where no one had died. Someone had a concussion, and one girl broke her arm and collar bone, and nearly everyone needed a neck brace, but we were ok, after all.

That is one experience I attribute to the Holy Spirit; there really is no other explanation.