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Could it be time to repent?

Published July 16, 2016 by thinkinbout


These days are crazy. I mean, everywhere, people have gone batty. People are too offended by everything, terror attacks are happening daily the world over, coups taking place, violence, hatred, cruelty, selfishness, you name it. Could that be a sign that it’s time to repent? Warnings always come before destruction. Scripture doesn’t seem to indicate any kind of worldwide revival, though it does indicate warning after warning and call after call to return to God, but without heed. God hasn’t closed that door yet, and with the way the world is going, I think it’s time.

Jonah went to “the great city of Nineveh” (“an extremely large city,” Jonah 3:3) to preach repentance, and that entire city repented and turned to God. They didn’t just stop there; they fasted too. They truly repented, and it wasn’t some half hearted”sorry.” They were convicted. And destruction was averted.

I bet that’s the only time in history where that has happened on such a large scale. Doesn’t it sound better to turn away from sin and live in peace? Doesn’t it sound desirable to be in right relationship with God and avoid destruction? And yet, the answer for too many will be “no.”