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Published November 14, 2015 by thinkinbout


The question-title of this post is not asking why another terrorist attack occurred, but why people aren’t calling it what it is.  Perhaps for some, it is a fear of being targeted by calling it by its name: Apocalyptic Islam.  Others will constantly blame the West, never realizing that this form of Islam is 14 CENTURIES old. Willful blindness, I suppose. Or idiocy. Either way, they will make excuses for the terrorists.  From the beginning, Islam, as Christianity, has looked forward to the end of days, when Christ, or in Islam, the Mahdi (“Hidden Imam” or “12th Imam”), with Christ by his side as a deputy of sorts, will restore the earth to a state of worshipping the one true God.  It’s a terrible thing that Apocalyptic Islam calls for bloodshed.  Let’s be clear: Islam calls for blood. There is no more denying this fact.  Liberals in the west have always told us it’s our fault for terrorist attacks (meddling, colonization, etc), but the fact is, Islam has called for this waaaaaaay before the West is what it is today. We may be fed a steady diet of BS from the news such as we have brought this upon ourselves due to our role in middle eastern affairs, but hello???? This has been happening since Mo decided to bring Islam to the world by the sword!!! WE did NOT start this fight in the middle east; it has and will continue to be a mess until Christ returns/we nuke ourselves/any number of doomsday scenarios, etc. Sure, there have been plenty of mistakes on our part in the middle east, but we are not being attacked because of THAT.  Muslims have never been shy of telling us the truth, but we, the peace loving westerners, ignore the warnings.  We have been told from the beginning that Islam’s goal is to take over the world. Period. And no amount of sweeping that huge nugget of truth under the rug will change. Liberals may not want to believe it, but it’s been told to us by Osama bin Laden, the Ayatollahs of Iran, and all the terrorists in between.

One of the Paris terrorists is reported to have shouted, “This is for Syria!” Oh really? Because that civil war started without western meddling. They did that all by themselves. Obviously, we had/have to do something due to the chaos, but we didn’t intervene until much, much too late. “This is for Syria” is clearly an excuse, an excuse to make people turn against their governments, to ask if our role in the many wars in the middle east are necessary, etc. Our fault, they moan, never realizing that this is and always has been apocalyptic Islam.

And if it is “our fault,” what about India? Indonesia? Bangladesh? Are they meddling in the middle east? These countries and more see far more terrorist attacks than the west, but I suppose we expect it in “those” places. Not here. Did you know there have been over 27,000 terror attacks in the name of Islam the world over since 9/11 alone? We hear about them every day. “So?” you may ask. “What about the Crusaders? What about terror and forced conversions in the name of Christ?” What about it? The gaping difference is that they can’t use Christ’s words as an excuse. Anyone can commit an act of violence in the name of any god, but in no other religion can a person use their god’s or prophets words to kill. Only in Islam can you do that. Jesus never demanded killing. He never picked up the sword. Mohammed, on the other hand, both used the sword and demanded bloodshed. There are, I believe, over 100 surahs (verses) about killing the unbeliever, but I will just use the most popular one: It is Quran 47:4: “When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters.” Why do think a Muslim’s favorite mode of murder is decapitation?

This, by the way, if far different from those Old Testament butcherings that libs inevitably bring up. Those were for a certain place and time, and for a certain people group. The surahs, however, remain true for all time.

Even the hadith (sayings and traditions of the prophet) has something to say about killing infidels. I don’t know how to exactly make a correct reference of this, so I’ll just write down what I’m looking at and you can look it up for yourself. I’m looking at number 17 of the chapter Charity and Zakat, which says, “I have been commanded to continue fighting against people until they say, There is no god but Allah.” It’s pretty clear. Of course, killing Jews is also an important task. “Allah’s Messenger said, ‘The Hour [end of days] will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”‘ (Sahih al-Bukari Vol. 4, book 52, hadith 177)

Will the west finally wake up? I don’t think so. I think those who know and accept the truth are awake, and those who deny this reality are willfully blind. Willfully because the information is out there; the Muslims are telling us themselves what their goal is. Let me ask; if it’s so easy to believe in the holocaust of WWII, why are people so reluctant to believe in Islam’s evil? Is it because of cultural (hyper) sensitivity? Do we just not want to believe it? If you’re not awake to the truth now, you never will be. We seem to have forgotten our heritage. We kicked out the British Empire, twice, winning our independence from the strongest nation on earth at the time; we fought two world wars to stay free and now we find we our leaders appear unwilling to stand up to a small band of foreign-funded radicals who are committed to destroying our way of life. The Parisians have become the latest victims in this PC battle, and it is a PC battle, for our leaders are too afraid to call it by name. But guess what? YOU and I and EVERYONE has the right to be offended. Hurt feelings heal, while dead bodies DO NOT. This political correct crap is not only to our detriment but it spells our doom.


Healing in our Land

Published November 2, 2015 by thinkinbout


So, if you haven’t noticed, the world has gone crazy. I mean, I really feel like it’s on the verge of collapse or implosion.  I don’t even want to rehash it, it’s so depressing and terrifying.  Suffice it to say, this must be the bloodiest era since time began.

And that got me thinking.  Everyone seems to have their own agenda, their own self-righteous opinions, their own seething hatred and intolerance for others who do not feel or think the same way. Everyone vies for their voice to be heard while not reciprocating to those whose opinions differ.  Even praying is cause for job dismissal. (Obviously, that only applies to certain religions while not to others)

Beyond that, immorality is rampant.  There always seem so be a new headline about child porn. The most recent story about Jared Fogle, who has children of his own, is disturbing. As a new mom, this is very alarming.  Other abuse, whether physical, verbal, even bullying, are also regular headlines in the news.

Daily, there are stories of muggings, maimings, murders, just for the thrill of it.  It’s like I can’t even walk down the street anymore without the possibility of someone out to attack me for fun.  And I certainly can’t go to school, church, the movies, the mall, a restaurant, etc., without possibly getting shot by a suicidal maniac who wants to take as many people with him as possible.

Sometimes I cry for the world.

Things aren’t getting better. In fact, they won’t unless there is a healing in our land.  People hold on to resentments and bitterness far longer than they should; they don’t understand the power of forgiveness to heal them.  Of course, many don’t want healing, they revel in their victimhood and want everyone to know it.  And if you have a different opinion you’ll be shut up by being called a racist, a bigot, or threatened.  Truth is the new hate speech, y’all.

I’m reminded of 2 Chronicles 7:14 which says (the verse begins in the middle of a sentence), “[if] My people who are called by My Name humble themselves, pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” Humbling oneself (opposite of pride!!) is not easy, but isn’t it worth it to heal our land? Isn’t it worth it to seek out God and turn from evil?