Alabama, part 2

Published January 22, 2014 by thinkinbout



Hello again everybody! I hadn’t planned on turning my thoughts on Alabama into 2 parts, but last post, my mind was in 10 places at once. I couldn’t concentrate so now I will finish.

I really, really enjoyed Alabama. The first or second day my family was there we went to Noccalula Falls (in previous post) and then to Little River Canyon falls. I had never actually swum in a river before so for me this was a fantastic experience! It took maybe 15 minutes to walk down to the swimming area, and I mean DOWN. It was a straight shot from the parking lot above down the extremely steep, rocky, root laden, and VERY dangerous path to the river. It was harder for me than the rest of my family since I still feel the effects of an ankle injury from a few years ago, but I did it and it was well worth the treacherous path 🙂 





The first dip in the river was excruciatingly freezing!! I was not prepared for that at all, but hey, on a summer day, why complain?? It was rather refreshing. However, the bottom of the river was all uneven rock and my family had a hoot laughing as we were constantly slipping. I did hurt myself pretty badly at one point, but what a blast it was that day.


That was pretty much it for that day. We spent hours in the river and were exhausted by the end. The next day of course we hit the road again, and ended up at Sequoyah Caverns. The drive to the caverns was very rural and more than once we were uncertain if we going the right way ( and more than once an Alabaman helped us on our way). It was in the mountains, and sorry but I never imagined Alabama as mountainous, even though the Appalachian Mountains run through the state. It’s funny how we see things a certain way in our minds even after we know they’re not necessarily true. 




I loved the country road we drove down toward the caverns.  Cattle and turkeys roamed the area. The land is preserved as it must have been in another century. A little log cabin sits on the land which you can admire before entering the cool caverns, and I mean that in the most literal sense. As soon as you enter them, you become cold. Again, great relief from Alabama in summertime. I’ve been inside caverns before, but I never pass up a chance to see another one. We saw the usual stalagmite and stalactites, but this tour guide pointed her flashlight on things others have not on tours I’ve been on. We saw cave spiders (tons of those lil guys in there, ugh!!!) and fossils. Not dino bones or anything, just those little fishy fossils you see in pictures. I really liked that she showed us those parts of the caverns that were not strictly part of the formations. I felt like there was so much more inside those dark places than most people will ever know about. 




So that was our short Alabama adventure! I really loved our time there 😀


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