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An extraordinary love letter

Published May 22, 2013 by thinkinbout


Ladies, how special would you feel if your man wrote you a love letter like this?! This photo is of a love letter written to an Elizabeth Zody in 1830.  The red background is just the surface of whatever is beneath the letter, so all that red you see are cut-outs in the paper (like a paper snowflake).  And that’s not even the whole letter, but the rest wouldn’t fit into my camera lens! If that wasn’t painstakingly beautiful enough, wait until you read what it says.


“1. When shall I see that happy hour

2. To be with you again

3. The tulip is a handsome flower

4. It blooms still in the spring


5. I never loved but one and you, and that one, dear, indeed is true

6. And for your best I do protest, my heart is thus confined

7. Alas say I loved in her blushing sixteen, for her ruddy rose cheeks and her blue eyes

8. The blushing rose is crimson and the violet dare, not with my love compare

9. My love, you are rare and hard to beat, you are everyway complete

10. In every heart is nature’s art, my love for you is from the heart

11. Where you are dressed all in your best of flattering neat and finest

12. You are like Venus, the morning star that doth all stars outshine

13. I say you are pretty, none can deny. Red are your cheeks and sparkling your eyes

14. From you I never more will part, you are the chosen of my heart

15. Now if that you do me respect, my valentine, you will accept

16. But if that you do me distain return my valentine again

Extra Lines in Outer Row

On the fourteenth a February day my valentine I drew.

When every one did choose his love, my choice fell on you

The lots (ware) cast and this I drew: and fortune says it must be you.

The rose is red, the violet, blue. The lily is white and so are you.


The ring is round and hath no end, so is my love for you, my friend.”

I admit, I shed a tear.  Too bad no one knows who exactly wrote this, though.