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Published November 17, 2012 by thinkinbout

I don’t know what I was made for. I don’t know what my purpose in life is. I’m afraid of dying before I ever feel fulfilled in this life, but I just don’t know what it is that will fulfill me. I’m sick of living with this every single day. I hate not knowing what I should strive for. I have lived with this agonizing feeling for almost 10 years and it shows no sign of dissipating. Everything I do just leaves me feeling even more empty. I thought travel is what would fulfill me, and so I’ve done a ton of it. But I always feel like there’s more out there that I’m missing. I thought volunteering would fulfill me too, but that always leaves me feeling disappointed and let down. These are my temporary highs, but I always feel worse. UGH, what to do…….