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Lefty, lefty

Published October 10, 2012 by thinkinbout

The following was not at all written by me. In fact, I don’t even know where I read it (Perez Hilton maybe?), but I copied and pasted it to myself over two years ago. I’m posting as is, so if there are misspellings or bad words, not my fault. Also, the photo above has nothing to do with it, I just like to put pictures in my blogs. I’m weird like that.

I just find Venezuela’s politics interesting because I’ve heard so many things on both sides, and the anti-Chavez activists have a lot to say. This is a rather relevant blog since he was re-elected this week. Of course I am not a Venezuelan so I could not vote at all, but in my opinion he is too radicalized and leftist for my taste. This is his fourth time in office and he will be there until 2019.

“Actress and singer Maria Conchita Alonso is pissed. And this time it’s not at Sean Penn.

Maria Conchita is speaking out against filmmaker Oliver Stone‘s twisted portrayal of dictator Hugo Chavez as a “fun-loving, good guy” in the new flick South of the Border.

So Alonso has teamed up with Central and South American Community officials to make their own movie, Crossing Our Borders, which will cover the issues Oliver omitted.

A rep for the activists reveals:

“Missing from the light-hearted moments of a dictator (Chavez) riding a bike are the questioning of the alarming and growing rates of poverty, kidnapping and murder.

We want to know who financed Mr. Stone’s film, why did he refuse to interview everyday Venezuelans about their lives under this brutally oppressive regime and why would Mr. Stone use his influence and art to sell a dictator who has dissolved parliament and jailed judges for ruling against his illegal activities?”


And Alonso isn’t stopping there, she’s even challenging Stone to a public debate! Says Alonso:

“Oliver Stone is a gifted storyteller who has lent his considerable prowess to crafting a cinematic lie.

Why not tell the truth about the conditions in Venezuela , where the middle class has shrunk from a third to five per cent, kidnapping has risen to the top five in the world and murder rates are higher than in Baghdad resulting from pillaged oil wealth, increased drug running and exportation of political unrest?

Oliver Stone has become Hugo Chavez’s Minister of Propaganda.”

And when Stone’s movie opens this Friday in Santa Monica , Alonso and other activists will be on hand protesting and hopefully making their way to the question and answer section after the flick.

Let’s see what Stone can come up with to justify his false portrayal of Chavez and Venezuela .

Russian chick: Blah blah blah.Would she rather have Venezuela be America ‘s bitch? Chavez takes care of business and tells everyone who doesn’t like it(US government) to go to hell.I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS DOCUMENTARY.Presidents from numerous Latin American countries participated in this documentary…is she gonna shit on them too?


Caranquenita82:  What a clueless asshole!!! he got SO MUCH MONEY from Chavez to make this film! well I guess I have to say Money that belongs to the Venezuelan people that Chavez chooses to give away!!! While crime is at its peak and Rotten food is getting delivered to the people!!! Exactly like you heard it CONTAINERS OF ROTTEN FOOD AND NO ONE TO BLAME!!! I can’t wait to see the day until this criminal is behind bars for causing so much devastation in my country…and @RussianChick please do your research before you barf out such ridiculous statements, Chavez DOES NOT take care of business all he has done is steal every single penny venezuelans and destroy any trace of dignity that we have left, so shut it!”