A Lavender Farm

Published June 11, 2012 by thinkinbout

It’s a beautiful drive from Fairfax County to Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Faquier County, VA. After getting past the town houses and strip malls of Fairfax and part of Prince William Counties, you enter farm land. The day I went to this farm with my family was a hot day but at least it was not humid. The sky was a deep blue, the few clouds a bright white, and the summer green of the trees and grass went on for miles as far as the eye can see. A far, far cry from Centreville, VA where I live. Ducks by the dozens were lounging by a pond and cattle lazily roamed their pastures. There was even a tractor rolling down the two lane street holding up what little traffic there was.

Soon enough, we saw a sign for Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, turned down that road, and parked. The farm covers a lot of land, but the lavender part of it is only a small portion. But, wow, is the scent strong and delightful! There’s a small shop called, what else?, the Lavender Shop, which sells tons of sachets of lavender, in addition to soap and lavender tea and water.

My mom had a coupon deal that was for each of us in the family to be able to pick 50 sprigs of lavender for free. There were two kinds: English and French. The English was smaller and sweeter scented (according to the boy who was in charge of giving us info  about the plants) while the French was taller and …I can’t remember the adjective he used for the French scent. I took so much delight in watching the bees and butterflies fly around the plants.

Not only was lavender being sold, but so were baby bunnies!! They were sooooooooooo precious, and only $10. Sadly, I didn’t buy one 😥  They came in a variety of colors, from albino to jet black. They were the cutest, softest things ever!! I just loved them.

I can’t believe I’d never heard about this fantastic farm until now! I recommend it to anyone looking for a day in the country, away from the city or ugly suburbia.


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