A lovely winery

Published June 3, 2012 by thinkinbout

Chateau O’Brien sits atop a mountain overlooking Markham, VA. As far as the eye can see there are mountains and trees, lots and lots of trees. The chateau itself looks like an Italian villa (or at least what I imagine to be an Italian villa) with a large patio which can hold many people. There is also a fire pit that can be used when it’s cold outside. It’s a wonderful place to sip wine and relax.

Wine tastings are very affordable, at $5.00 to taste 5 or 6 wines (can’t remember which number). They have a huge variety of wine, but sadly I am not a wine lover. I just go for the atmosphere, though I do admit to loving their most popular wine, the apple dessert wine. There is also an orchard on the property which makes this particular wine extra fresh and delicious. Small plates of cheese, bread and fruit are also available for purchase but they are way overpriced.

An added bonus to this already incredible place is that the owners host live music on occasion. One September I was there enjoying the view while a musical guest was in the background singing and playing guitar. Don’t remember now what she was singing, but I can tell you that going to this winery is one of the most relaxing and fun ways to either enjoy an afternoon or wrap up a perfect day after apple or peach picking at Stribling Orchard, also in Markham. After you get out of the hustle and bustle of northern Virginia, the rest of VA is quite beautiful, especially those dear Blue Ridge Mountains. I think I will add this as a stop on my VA tour company!


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